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trailbreak.co.uk Southern Trail Ride: 22nd November 2014, Cocking

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Greg, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Just by chance I was looking on the trailbreak.co.uk site and saw there was a ride that week so signed up as I was free. Of course I wasnt at all swayed by the Mince Pies on offer :D

    Should have swapped out to my 30t chain ring, muddy steep slippery clay and chalk hills were a pain to get traction on using 32t, gearing was too high making it a real slog for my legs. Have swapped back to the 30t now for the winter :(
    A great ride overall with some really good trails, testing climbs and fun descents. The cheeky clay and chalk mud keeps things interesting and a carpet of leaves on the trails in the woods can hide slippery terrain which kept me on my toes... and nearly off my bike too. There were really low clouds on the day and that meant a lot of riding up in the cloud cover which adds a strange (and very damp) feeling when looking down into a light grey abyss. Likewise it gave the woods a nice spooky eerie feeling, especially when I stopped and could only hear rain drops landing on the fallen autumn leaves between my breaths.
    Will be signing up for all of these rides in 2015!

    2014-11-22 09.50.00.jpg

    2014-11-22 10.31.49.jpg

    2014-11-22 11.11.35.jpg

    2014-11-22 11.22.22.jpg

    2014-11-22 14.09.16.jpg

    2014-11-22 15.09.43.jpg


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