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trailbreak.co.uk Southern Trail Ride: 21st February 2015, Bramley

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Greg, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    A great route in the Surrey Hills, nice leg burner climbs, and some really fantastic single track and descents! Another super sandy brake pad killing ride. Exceptionally muddy, sandy mud, just like grinding paste - nasty! Even worn a load off my chain ring :( Not sure how but I missed the split off for the long route which was a bit of a shame and I was really annoyed when I realised. Too far round by then to do anything about it, and was then dealing with another issue... sign movers. The buggers cost me 27 minutes ... around 12 places, assuming none of the other folks who were also lost were faster than me... I'd have had a 5th place finish.
    To be fair the only two people who over took me were proper little XC racing whippets in Lycra on a road climb, with bar ends on bars wider than mine, who I then caught on a muddy climb whilst they were pushing (crank it out guys, winners don't walk) but with out enough room to pass them, they managed to get away through the congestion at a gate. Damn I'm starting to get competitive :unsure: And I quite like it :D
    Would have made some cracking times if it wasn't for the mud and morons. By the end of the ride I was pleased I had only done the standard route if I'm honest, it was a though mudder fudger grinding away in so much sand and mud. I'm pretty sure I'll do this ride again next year as long as the weather holds out as its really was a rewarding ride.

    Obligatory muddy bike in boot of car post ride - photo:

    2015-02-21 13.17.27.jpg

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