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TMR Designs Imprint Grips

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Imprint Grips - Custom Mouldable Grips.

    I've backed some crazy things on Kickstarter, its one of those addictive things, being part of something, being involved a bit, being one of the first to get something new or exciting. When I saw the Imprint Grips I had my reservations, wondering if it could just be another gimic or an idea born from post ride pub chat and beer. After watching for a while and thinking the idea over I decided it does make sense ... a grip thats moulded to my very own hand, better support and better grip ... not to mention more comfortable for my fingers (I have large hands and on longer rides regular grips arent meaty enough for me to get a comfy grip) and more importantly more comfortable on my Ulnar Nerve!

    Looking forward to giving them their first test tomorrow!

    Imprint Grips

    Imprint Grips
  2. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Build Quality
    I pre-ordered the Premium Grips by backing this as a Kickstarter project. Overall quality is great, nicely finished CNC aluminium sleeve, anodising appears to be of a good quality, subtle etched logo and the moulding of the grip material is neat and even across the grip. The packaging is good too, good use of the instructions as a divider inside, all adds to the feeling of value of the grips your unwrapping and also reassuring that plenty of thought has gone into the production as a whole.
    Only two minor things could be a little better (bearing in mind these are first mass production runs);
    1 - The clamp part of the lock on was a bit tight - this needed opening up a tiny bit to get the grips on smoothly, something and nothing really as any scratches are covered up by the grips.
    2 - The end caps could do with being a little better finished, there are production marks on the edges. For a premium grip I'd expect them to be smooth all the way round.

    The Moulding
    Moulding is very easy. I had wondered how this bit would work out, expecting the compound to be either really hard or soft to shape. Once I lifted the grip out of the hot water, dunked it on cold and then clenched my fist around it I was pleased at how malleable it was. Clench lightly and you get a subtle contoured shape, clench like an angry cyclist who’s got a puncture and forgot to bring tyre levers ... and you get a beautifully shaped grip that fit perfectly to your hand.

    There is only one criticism of the moulding process, as it requires chuffing hot water, is there’s nothing provided with the kit to remove the grips from the recently boiled water. It’s not a problem for anyone with a bit of initiative, the first grip I used a pair of tongs from the kitchen, for the second I found it a lot easier to use a pick tool to lift the grip out by the lock on bolt hole. I think it would be really great if there was a plastic hook supplied with each grip as it would make the process a lot easier (and potentially safer) for the user.

    First ride impressions
    One ride in and the grips are good so far, it feels a bit odd to start with (if you mould yours as heavily as I did mine) having stuff between your fingers, that’s soon gotten used to though after a few miles. They have been comfortable so far (only 20 miles of XC riding) and offer a lot better support to the palm and under side of the knuckles. One place the grips really shine is lateral grip when heavily moulded, no more over gripping when braking, you can relax a bit and as a result have better control of one finger braking. These inspire much more confidence when the riding gets fast and flowy, they can only be better for rough and technical trails.
    The grip material is fairly soft, the material slightly tacky but not sticky to hold, so plenty grippy even if moulded lightly. Another thing I noticed was my bars feel a bit wider, this is because the Imprint Grips lock on is located on the inner end of the grip meaning my hands are a good centimetre further apart than with my old Ergon GA1's, that better value for money from my bars I'd say :)

    In conclusion
    As TMR are a new start-up and this is their first production I would imagine that the points above would be ironed out in future versions, as designs evolve and improve all the time. For their first product TMR have done an excellent job, Imprint Grips are a truly functional offering to mountain biking and the larger cycling community.
    We'll see how the grips hold up over the next few months; winter is coming so there will be lots of gloved riding with dirt and mud to really test the mouldable compound. I'm sure they will fare just fine!

    Get yours from www.tmrdesigns.co.uk - £39.95 for the Premium Grips and £24.99 for the Standard Grips.
  3. kling

    kling New Member

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