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Tips for first time change of a tire tube

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Sandra, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    I used to think it was just as simple as pumping air back into the tires, but it's not.

    Any suggestions for the mechanical process of changing a tube in a standard road bike?
  2. paulsmith73

    paulsmith73 Member

    This might not be the best place for road bike advice but I imagine the process is the same. It's not really too easy to explain so I found this video on you tube for you to watch, if you are struggling and unsure exactly what to do then it would be wise to practice a few times at home or even head over to your local bike shop and ask them to give you a hand. That way you wont end up stranded alone somewhere with a flat that you can't fix.

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  3. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    Thats a great bit of advice there, I was completely stumped the first time I had to deal with a roadside flat. Ended up walking the 5 miles home. After that I practised lots of times and it wasn't a problem the next time it happened. Its a bit fiddly but you soon get used to getting past the tricky bits. I know in my local Halfords, if a customer goes in and asks for advice on changing a tire, as long as the staff have got time, they'll often do it for you, but they are super-fast at doing it, don't expect to be as quick as them.
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  4. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Great vid Paul!
    The hardest part, even more so on a road bike with the tiny tyres, is getting the tyre off and on again with the leavers and without damaging the inner tube - either pinching with the tyre levers or with the tyre it self.
    Practice makes perfect!

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