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the backwoods short film

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Sam, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Just watched this after seeing the trailer on instagram

    I am scarred to even try to get a wheel off the ground lol
  2. sboss86

    sboss86 New Member

    Pretty cool! Confirdence and practice, I cant ride anything like that guy but I drop the seat on my bike and I can whip off some jumps. I learned by just sessioning the same couple of jumps over and over until I could feel how fast I needed to go and how my bike felt in the air.
    I started off by finding a table top jump and basically rolling over it faster and faster until I was naturally getting a bit of air and getting a feeling for how it felt. The kept going faster and faster and practicing and then I could do it.
    Try watching these youtube guides...

    It is really easy, just dont panic and keep yourself relaxed !

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