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Swinley 22/08 - Breaking in the Yelli Screamy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Been meaning to head over to Swinley for a few months now, and having had the Yelli for a couple of weeks, I couldnt think of any better reason for a trip over there.


    The Blue run is fairly typical with plenty of flowy sections and nothing too technical. Towards the end there are a couple of really fast big berm sections which are great fun. The main one can be sectioned which is great as its got a couple of good sized jumps to practice getting some air on.

    Panorama 5.jpg

    Watch out if you rail the big berm at the bottom and exit high, theres a bit of off camber where the berm ends which can cause your front wheel to wash out ... bit of a clench moment.


    The Red run starts of being quite fun through the Tank Traps, then is pretty much a Blue with a couple of rooty bits. Just looking at the BikeSwinley map and theres a short Black run ... Wish I'd seen that! Next it gets a bit more interesting with some fun fast flowy forest riding, roots and jumps.
    Eventually theres the Freeride Zone, Jump Gulley is a really great place to practice getting some air, its a shame its so short, double the length and it would be spot on. I found by the time I got to the 4th jump I was getting in the swing of things but right there it ends with a hard bank right up to exit. Rinse and repeat (y) :thumbsup:
    A little further on is where the fun is at, Dearstalker is pretty kool, Labrynth is really fun fun too weaving around the tight woods. However, before heading left down Dearstalker carry on ahead and there is the unoffical Babymaker run, really great little run bit sketchy at the top where it really loose for a couple of turns and then speeds up for a good run.

    Pretty good day out all in all, trails mostly very well kept, theres a few worn down corners/mini berms which are off camber and make for a little drifty front end on XC tryes. Will put something a bit more knobbly on the front next time. Theres a couple of short closures, nothing serious.
    Thanks to the chap who rode through the Red with me and showed me the Babymaker - I didnt get your name, but thanks for the company and the pointers on the trails.



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