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StravistiX Google Chrome extension - adds more features to Strava

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Available from here:

    Simply install in Chrome, then log in in to Strava to get access to the goodies.

    After StravistiX is installed there are some settings to check and adjust if you like, they are accessed by the large orange menu button in Strava. StravistiX is great as it adds some useful information and features ... one feature is one click access to your own Activity Feed (normally found under "Training>My Activities". Simply click on the large orange StavistiX hamburger menu button to go striaght to your own feed, nice!




    • Once done tweaking any options, such as display options and heart rate, you can start playing around the new features. There is a new "Go to Flyby" shortcut in the main Activity Feed so you can go straight to the fly by for that persons ride, if that's your thing.


    • Clicking on an activity takes you to some fun stuff. There are an some nice geek stats additional to the standard Strava info, most people hate climbing, but if you like to ride hard and fast you'll know hills are your friend and the additional info is nice to see.


    • There is some nice extra info added to the Segments section, showing the differences between your PB and the KOM, a really nice visual to see where you're at if you're trying to improve your fitness or even chasing KOM's ...


    • Then there's the amazing extended statistics screen!


    • It's great to have the Google Maps addition too, this has mouse wheel zoom enabled (unlike the default Strava map, c'mon now Strava :/ ), which is such a nice feature to have - none of this clicking the + or - button to zoom in and out (so 2005!).

    The left sidebar menu has the addition of Remote Views, some links to the fantastic Velo Viewer (if you haven't used it before, check it out, it has OS maps and a whole loads of other neat features!) to view your ride. Plus a fancy Weather tab, oooooooooo :woot:


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