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Show & Shine - How Clean Do You Keep Your Bike?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, May 29, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Do you break out the carnauba wax or Frame Juice after every ride? Or just sling your bike in the shed till next time?

    For me it depends on the weather. In the winter if the bike is covered in an inch of mud then mine gets a jet wash in the back garden, a quick wipe down and left to dry over night then a re-lube of the chain a squirt of fork juice on the stanchions.
    In the summer (IF it doesnt rain, jokes right!) then the bike gets a clean as and when it really needs it with regular chain lubes.

    Every couple of months it gets a good clean, cassette, chain ring, soak the chain & clean & re-lube, give the whole frame and rims a wipe over with Back to Black silicone spray, looks like new after!
  2. Coolyou

    Coolyou New Member

    Well, I clean my bike once every few weeks because I don't want it to have dirt on it while driving a bike.

    Also I'm using only water to clean it out
  3. Origami Crane

    Origami Crane New Member

    I wipe the dust of of it and hose it down when it get particularly dirty, but I don't clean it every time I use it. I make sure to oil it and check the tire pressure every week though.
  4. Alexsaysnomnom

    Alexsaysnomnom New Member

    I don't like dust from the trails building up so give it a soap down with Carplan shampoo and water, spray the cassette with Muc-off and degrease then GT85 everything in the evening! Greg, is that Back to Black silicone any good?
  5. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    The Back to Back silicone spray is ok. I picked up a can on sale in Tesco months ago to try out as it was 1/8th the price of the Frame Juice I'd seen online, seems to make washing the bike a little easier as it helps to stop the dirt sticking to the frame so well. Plus it makes everything look "nice" again when wiped over the mechs, plastic bits, crank arms, etc, but I am a bit of a bike tart.
    I spray it over the main parts of the frame then wipe it off the next day, avoid getting on your brake rotors, calipers, grips and the tread face of your tyres!
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