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Scott 100km MTB Monster Marathon - Wantage

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Greg, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Was a bit of a last minute decision to enter Scott 100km MTB Monster Marathon. As it was in Wantage I wasnt sure if it would be a ride around local trails I already knew, or if the route was going to be more the other side of Wantage, in which case there could be some new trails to discover.

    2015 is the first year the MTB Marathon series has come to Wantage, for the most part its held in Wales, so certainly a change of scenery for their regular riders and nice to see a big event event choose South Oxfordshire as their host.

    The weather on the day was spot on, not too hot, blue sky, slight breeze, perfect... unlike my preperation :/ Should have stuck to my normal pre-ride routine of good carby food and proper hydration the day before, instead of not eating or drinking much (busy gardening) and then having beer can burgers for tea at 10pm!! (n) :thumbsdown::dizzy:


    Really well put on event with over 700 people turning out! Perfect riding conditions with the trails as fast as they can be, set off at my normal pace only to find all the beef and no carbs was like dragging an anchor behind me, add a slipping seat post that had to be adjusted every 5 miles at least, and I wasn't having the best ride ever. Still the first 50km took in much of the best riding there is around here and in good weather the countryside is always lovely.
    Close to the 50km feed station I started to bonk and then spent the next 50km struggling to consume enough carbs. The riding wasnt particularly inspiring for the last 50 either, mostly being long open byway with road sections, they scenery was still classic Oxfordshire rolling hills and certainly pleasing on the eyes. I'm sure the last part could have been more fun to ride, then perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had I have been better prepared :rolleyes:


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