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Rain Season

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by roll6, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. roll6

    roll6 New Member

    Do you go out riding during rain seasons? What do you do if you are unable to go cycling? I do completely avoid riding during cold seasons since I sometimes experience difficulties while breathing.
  2. Harris

    Harris New Member

    Not a fan of bad weather riding but I try and ride at the weekends if I can.
  3. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Well I try and keep riding all year round, gets to be a bit of a challenge on the slippery clay and chalk mud, but isn't so bad after a few rides and really pays off come spring. Thermal tights, decent layers and keep moving is the way to stay warm. Plus riding in the cold horrible muddy wet of winter really makes me appreciate the summer months!
  4. paulsmith73

    paulsmith73 Member

    In the winter I will ride as much as I can and only at the weekend. If the weather is really bad I won't ride as I don't enjoy being soaked to the skin and frozen. If the weather is good I don't mind getting muddy though, it's nice to get outdoors after being couped up in a office at work all week without seeing much daylight.
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  5. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    I can relate to that Paul, I spend the majority of my day in sat in the corner of an office with no daylight, I hate it so being outside for a few hours at the weekend plus getting a good burn around on the bike is really good for body and mind.
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  6. Faye1232212

    Faye1232212 New Member

    I used to ride all the time during the rainy season. I stopped a couple of years ago though after a bad accident. It was so slippery out that my tire skid across a rock causing me to fall and breaking a few bones.So yeah,that's the last time as I've been too afraid to do it again but good luck to the rest of you daredevils! Be safe!
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  7. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    I'm English, I love the Rain ! Well OK, maybe I don't actually love the rain, but its not as if I'm going to be able to avoid it for long. It can be miserable and despressing when I'm going to work, but when I'm out riding for fun it just adds to the experience for me. I'm an office dweller too and all that artificial light can be a bit much, in the Winter I try to get as much Sun as I can manage, and in the Summer I make sure I ride for an hour in the evenings, even if its only a gentle run over to Tesco's or something, just to get some Sun in my face for a bit.
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  8. chris obrien

    chris obrien Active Member

    some one once said theres no such thing as bad weather , just poor choice of riding kit , ...I take my hardtail or singlespeed out in the winter months and leave the full susser in the garage ,love my merino base layer ,over shoes and sealskin gloves and socks and of course my altura 3/4 over trousers ....

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