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Pre Ride Meal - Egg Bacon & Rice Pre-Ride Meal - Whats Yours?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Mines evolving still.
    If I'm riding first thing in the morning, I'll have a big bowl of porridge with honey and a banana, it sits a lot better for me if I'm riding very soon after eating. If I'm riding mid morning or at lunch time (or getting up early at 05:30 to drive to an event) then I prefer to have a proper breakfast and then a pre-ride snack just before I ride (banana or energy bar, etc). Adding bacon is completely optional, if its in the fridge I'll use it, if not its no bother.
    This isn't something to eat right before getting on your bike, this is a good meal to have 3 to 4 hours pre-ride and then top up with porridge or cycling snacks 1 or 2 hours before you set off.

    Egg Bacon & Rice Pre-Ride Meal:

    2 x Whole eggs.
    1 packet of instant brown basmati rice.
    2 x Rashers of smokey bacon (optional)
    A dash of whole milk (stops the scrambled eggs going too rubbery too fast).
    Sea Salt - to taste.
    Pepper - to taste.
    Red or Brown Sauce.

    Pop the rice in the microwave and hit Go.
    Chop the bacon in to small bits & fry.
    Whisk the eggs, milk, salt & pepper. Pour in with the bacon, keep mixing around until the eggs scramble, add the hot rice, give it all a good mix around and serve with brown sauce (or ketchup if you prefer).

    Egg Bacon Rice Pre-Ride Meal

    It works for me, what do other people do?
  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy New Member

    Wow, that photo got me hungry, huh. When I would ride, I had to wake up early so I could have breakfast. My favorite is fried rice but the plain unlike that one in the picture. Fried fish and fried egg would be the complement of the fried rice and fruit juice. But when I am in a hurry, I would gobble 2 boiled eggs and a glass of milk. You see, I have to eat breakfast at least 2 hours before I ride. So I would wake up at 4am and eat at 4:30 before the 6am or 6:30 am ride. But then again, I am just a hobbyist and my bike is not a racer bike.
  3. noodle

    noodle Member

    It depends what time of the day I'm going to be honest! If it's in the morning I stick to eggs as well. I'm lactose intolerant though so I have poached eggs to avoid dairy. A couple of eggs on toast is good fuel for the day.

    Usually I go for rides after work though so it's whatever I've had for afternoon tea. I try to avoid eating too much as it does feel like it weighs me down. I'm always absolutely starving by the time I get home!
  4. chris obrien

    chris obrien Active Member

    will try that one ......for me it is either jacket potatoes cheese/beans .....or philly garlic n herb sauce with chopped bacon and pasta penne
  5. chris obrien

    chris obrien Active Member

  6. chris obrien

    chris obrien Active Member

    we finish our evening rides at the pub ...where the landlord brings out chips and buttered bread , so all those calories we burn on the ride we put on in the pub
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  7. bonzo

    bonzo New Member

    Nice, you still eating malt loaf when you're out on rides Greg?
  8. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    I do still for longer rides along with sweets or energy bars etc, it does turn a bit gooey in the summer though. If I'm only out for a couple of hours or so then I tend to take electrolyte drink and sweets with me, possibly energy drink (like High5) if I'm riding a bit harder.

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