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How to: Share your Strava rides in a forum post

Discussion in 'Forum Rules, News & Announcements' started by Greg, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    As requested, here's how to share your Strava rides in a forum post.

    For whatever reason Strava seem incapable of fixing a bug that prevents normal their URLs from being easily embedded in to forum posts.
    To share your Strava ride in a post you need a special URL, it's a bit long winded the first time but once you know how it's pretty simple, below is how to find the URL:

    Firstly you'll need to open Notepad/Wordpad/Microsoft Office Word or a similar text editing program.

    • Go to your ride in Strava, once there look for the Share icon:

    • Click on the Share icon, then click on "Embed on Blog":

    • Click on the text in the pop-up, it should all highlight Orange.
    • Right Click and Copy (or press Ctrl+C) the highlighted text:

    • Paste the Copied text in to Notepad/Wordpad/Office Word.
    • Highlight the extended Strava embed URL and Right Click and Copy (or press Ctrl+C):

    • You now have the Strava embed URL, this can now be added to your forum post in the normal manner: