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How to ride in the mud

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott-Aspect740, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Scott-Aspect740

    Scott-Aspect740 New Member

    Any tips ? Im struggling already where it is really muddy,makes riding so hard!
  2. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Ah we're fast heading in to muddy season :D
    Momentum. Keep pedalling, which will help keep your momentum up and help you keep your balance! It is tiring but will make you fitter ;)
    Deep soft loamy mud requires a bit of speed and plenty of pedalling, try and choose your line and stick to it, as soon as you start steering off course you'll slow down fast and its game over. Also keep an eye out for tracks through the mud where someone else has made it through and follow their tracks where they have already cut through the worst of the mud.
    Slippery clay mud is tougher, pick you line or route through on approach, you need to stay loose and keep a steady pace, your bike will squirm around a bit so just relax and let it do its thing. Try not to pedal hard and unevenly or steer sharply as it will throw your balance.
    Those are things that work for me anyway!
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  3. Harris

    Harris New Member

    Don't ride in the mud ;)
  4. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    I live for muddy conditions. I'm an experienced downhill course rider and the dirtier and rougher the ground is the more of a challenge it is for me. For those who don't love getting messy as much as me, I'd advise keeping in a low gear when going through mud, keep your pedals going round, as fast as you're comfortable with, it'll help you keep your balance and keep you moving. If you're talking about deep mud then you can get bogged down, if you don't mind a few splashes of it up your back, speed through the worst parts, once you get bogged down, you'll have to get off and push probably. Always try to stay in a straight line through heavy mud, if a wheel slips you'll likely lose control. Above all, remember that your brakes will not work as well after going through mud, test them when you're clear to see how effective they stilll are.
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  5. Scott-Aspect740

    Scott-Aspect740 New Member

    Guys thank you, really helpful info, now I have an idea of what to try and do. i guess I will have to get muddy and take it easy!
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  6. Mark Cleverly

    Mark Cleverly New Member

    One thing to con idler is what to do when you get to a large puddle, almost everyone will try and ride round the edge where the mud is at it's most slippery, one thing to access is going straight thought it, as the middle of most puddles are rocky or gritty and therefore provides more traction, just remember not to go to quick otherwise your'll spray up you back, if the water becomes to deep to completely pedal then just do partial rotations

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