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Hope Jockey Wheels

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Greg, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Anyone else use them?

    Recently I changed from an XT rear derailier to a ZEE as part of going from a 3x10 to a 1x10 drive train, there were a couple of deciding factors in getting a ZEE over a Shadow +. I wanted something less likely to get snagged or bashed like the original long cage XT. I wanted stop chain slap without having to buy a chain device as well as a new rear mech. I didnt want to spend loads of money! The ZEE is an entry level Down Hill/Gravity mech, pretty much the Saint's little brother (or sister), its very compact, has a clutch and is pretty cheap too ... the only down side of it being pretty cheap is the jockey wheels (like most cheap things) dont seem to endure the harsh and varied conditions here in the UK particularly well.
    The open bearings in the standard jockey wheels quickly became contaminated after submersion in water and mud. A thorough cleaning and packing with both regular and teflon grease only lasted a single 20 - 30 mile ride in the winter/spring. I also tried applying semi synthetic engine oil to the bearing shaft and using grease in the cups, this seems to have a slightly longer lasting effect. Eventually though the lube washes out, dirt gets in and things dont run so smoothly and begin wearing out.

    I decided to go for a little bling factor and this weekend a pair of sexy blue looking Hope Jockey Wheels arrived in the post ... not quite in time for my Saturday ride sadly, still they are fitted now and look sweet, go perfectly with the ano blue RaceFace Narrow/Wide up front. Of course not only do they look sweet, Hope gear is designed with our lovely UK conditions in mind. Out of the bag they feel silky smooth with the cups in place. Ease the cups off to reveal the nice new sealed bearings. The wheels are clearly marked upper (Guide/Jockey Pulley) and lower (Tension Pulley) with a directional rotation arrow on the lower.

    What about the Hope jockey wheel brass bush in the upper jockey wheel? Not required for all derailliers: http://www.hopetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/HJW00111TJOCKEYWHEELEXPLODEDVIEW.pdf

    How well will they last? Who knows, I guess I'll have to update in a year when they will have had four seasons of abuse :cool:




    Looking Good!
  2. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Well these lasted me well, one finally died due to a mud related mechanical, though it turns out they were due for renewal anyway. After 10 months of use they had worn down 2mm!! However even after being used in just about every condition imaginable, and taking a some serious knocks, the bearings are still smooth as new and spin freely.
    Ceramic jockey wheels with sealed bearings could be the answer to longevity?



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