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Half Century Ride - 03/05/14

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, May 20, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Been building up to this slowly for a little while, last weekend I didnt know I was a couple of hundred yards from riding 50 miles until I got home and checked IPBike on my phone. Was a little dissapointed as I could have spun round the park a couple of times to make the last mile :rolleyes:

    So that in mind I spent all week looking forward to Saturday so I could get out on the bike. Weather forecast - lashing it down and 20+mph winds, joy. I'm not scared of a little rain or mud (or a lot of either to be honest) but I hate wind so riding 25 miles into it caked in crud wasnt fun, or enjoyable or anything even close, it was horrible and bloody hard work ... I was so glad when I got to stop and eat my PBnJ sandwich and some jelly babies, turn around and start the long ride back home with tired legs and cold wet feet. That said ... I did it!
    Definitely should have taken my rear mudflap, was super muddy out. Not sure if it was mud related but the bike struggling to shift in to the 11t and 36t gears this ride, never done that before ... I'm wondering if its new cassette and chain time, these have done 400 miles now in nasty wet winter conditions.

    Next target 75 miles, then The Ridgeway ride and then the full 100 mile'er in September (all going well)!


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