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Dirty Century?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greg, May 12, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Since I started riding again I've been getting fitter and riding further for longer. I near always ride alone, so have no one to pace myself against, as a result I usually find I'm racing myself - harder, faster, longer - more often than not I peak too soon and the later part of the ride is hard going.

    Anyway I got to wondering how far could I ride? 50, 75 ... 100miles?! How about the length of The Ridgeway since that’s local to me, only 87miles :eek: Could my butt take that on the saddle?! Could I ever get that fit... or crazy? It didn’t take long to find a great resource on the Dirty Century, the MTB equivalent of road bike century, and now that’s the goal. If I can do 75 then that’s not far off 87 ... and 87 is only 13miles short of a Dirty Century. Thinking about riding the length of The Ridgeway took me to the internet for advice on how to ride that far, which is how I found out about riding a dirty century, and then started reading this website which is pretty helpful!
    I wonder if I can do by the end of September? Talking is easy :p
  2. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Well, no. Life always gets in the way and things get delayed, however I am still moving towards 100miles. I did try and push week after week to increase my distance but it wasnt long before I burned out, this was due to several things, tiredness and stress so generally not well rested physically and mentally. Nutrition and training/fitness, I didnt really appreciate how much difference eating correctly the day before and the morning before a long ride would make and my training hasnt been that at all.

    I seem to be achieving in waves now, building up to a new longest ride and then backing off and building up again. I have also been riding with a group on Thursday nights for a while not, so where before I was only riding once or twice a week, now I ride two or three times a week, two actual rides and spin on the turbo trainer. My mileage is increasing loads though, in the two and a half months I've have my Yelli I've nearly done as many miles as I did on the Canyon in 9 months, 650 vs 695!
    Nutrition has been and is on going trial and error but pre ride is pretty much dusted and during ride is pretty much there too, damn fussy guts!

    A Dirty Century in 2014 is still a possibility for me, this year like last we're having a very drawn out autumn, its crazy but its November 1st and 14C out! However I'd imagine its only a couple of weeks and winter will be here and once the rain comes thats likely to put an end to the 100 miles ride until next year, possibly.

    Managed 62 miles so far (http://app.strava.com/activities/206119002), next is around 77 going my planned route and then it will be the Ridgeway ride.
    No excuses - getoutandMTB!

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