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Continental Mountain King II 29er Tyres

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Greg, May 20, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Having spent the winter months riding with Maxxis Minions I was keen to find some lighter tyres for the summer, as much as I love the Minion DHF 2.4 and DHR II 2.3 (3C MaxTerra EXO TL Ready) for trail centres , they are too much for the local XC riding and the Continental Race Kings that came with the bike are great for pure XC but scarey as hell when I hit gravel or chalky mud.

    After many hours of reading reviews I decided to get the Continental Mountain King II 29 x 2.40 and Continental Mountain King II 29 x 2.20, both ProTection folding BlackChili.
    The Conti's roll really well on tarmac and hard pack and there is very little wear on the Conti's thread blocks. Theres a lot of nasty sharp flint around here and its shreds tyres especially in the wet, the Conti's blocks are just like new after about 150 miles which is a good sign. Though I have already had to get the super glue out on a slice in the outer tyre which luckily didnt cut into any of the threading.
    Hopefully I've found a great all rounder tyre to take on the very varied conditions and terrain around here - chalk, clay, flint, hard pack, loose gravel, and just about every kind of mud you can imagine! Its great :D



    I go tmine from www.starbike.com for €91.80 delivered.
  2. Adam

    Adam New Member

    That's an awesome set of tyres. I've never tried Conti's but I've always thought they looked cool. Do you notice a significant amount of reduced rolling resistance running a narrower tyre in the rear? I've got a set of 2.3 XR3 Experts but I've been thinking about swapping the back for a narrower, more aggressive tyre to cut down on the RR and to get a little more grip in the loose stuff. I've about settled on the 2.1 Specialized Ground Control which has a tread pattern that looks similar to the Mountain King II. I seriously doubt the quality is as good but it's a bit cheaper and I can get them locally. I hear some people that swear by running a narrower tyre in the rear for cornering and reduced RR and others that say they don't really notice a difference.
  3. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    The Ground Control's look like a good tyre, those side tread knobs should bite in to the loose stuff well for cornering. I'm also a sucker for tread patterns that look like they work, probably not the best way to judge a tyre, then I also spend way too much time reading reviews & forum posts about any tyre I'm interested in. These Conti's get lots of great reviews, especially with the Back Chili compound. It was cheaper to buy from Germany with shipping than it was to buy from here in the UK, crazy huh?!

    Compared to the Minion's (which I also ran a narrower rear) the Conti's have much less rolling resistance, that said though the Minion's are downhill tyres!! I think much like looking at tread patterns that running a slightly narrower rear tyre looks a logical thing to do for mixed trail riding; narrower rear tyre at a higher pressure for less rolling resistance and a slightly wider front with less pressure for better grip. My thinking on the grip being that you can control the rear if it breaks away (many people like a flighty back end, easier to drift, etc ... not that there is enough of that kinda riding around here for me to practice and get good at it, always looks neat on youtube though ;)), but if the front breaks away then you've lost your steering. Also a bigger softer front tyre rolls over rocks and roots easier.

    To me narrower rear feels right, some people dont think so, but thats mountain biking ... try different things and eventually ride what works best for you, whether its wide front and narrow rear, hard tail or full susser, 26er or 29er ... its mostly all personal preference :)

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