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Big Bike Bash 2016 - 26-29/08/2016

Discussion in 'Events' started by Greg, Jan 19, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 26/08/16
  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    2016 Big Bike Bash

    Now in its 8th Year and jam packed with 3 days of awesome bike related madness, races, challenges for all ages and abilities you would be crazy not to come!

    Adult Sprint XC – XC Race – 1 Lap, 2 Lap, 3 Lap, Race Whippet (swimming trunks optional)

    Youth XC – Too grown up for the Children’s Challenge but can’t face the main race? Under 18s only

    Night Racing – Night racing for everyone with lights!

    Children’s Challenge – Now they can pedal, they can race

    Pedal Free Play Race – No pedals, no problem. A push along only track with no start a0nd no finish

    Drag Race – Straight race from a standing start, also known as the chain snapper!

    Tyre Drag – Small tyres for small people, big tyres for big people. Makes it more equal.

    Track Stand – If you are too good we will start pushing

    Wheelie Competition – How far along the drag track can you keep your wheel off the ground?

    Trailer Bike Challenge – Last year’s hottest competition. No trading children for weight advantage.

    Bunny Hop – How high can you fly?

    Bike Limbo – How low can you go?

    Dual Slalom – Speed or control?

    Lake Jump – You, a bike, a ramp and a lake. Work it out.



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