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31st Hell Of The North Cotswolds - HoNC April 12th 2015

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Greg, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    When I got home from the Wiggle ride, I was double annoyed, that morning when I woke up I turned on my PC but forgot to do something ... sign-up for the 2015 HoNC! Luckily a couple of weeks later I manage to get a cancellation spot. 60+ miles and up to 6000ft of climbing, better not be any running involved with this one!!!
  2. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Got the confirmed route through this week for this event, looks pretty good for the distance, nothing too nasty. Looking at around 61 miles and 4500-5000ft of climbing so it looks like a good ride as long as the weather holds up!
    Managed a prep ride a couple of weeks ago which went really well with a heap of PB's. All the hard winter grind appears to be paying off now the grounds a bit firmer and the faster rolling tyres are back on!

  3. Greg

    Greg MTB Rider Staff Member

    Well that was harder and slower than it would have been if it wasn't for the damn wind, a steady 20+mph with gusts up to 40. Nearly got blown off the bike on one crossing! Otherwise a really great event, really well put on, really well way marked and marshalled, excellent feed stations, I reckon I'll have another crack at it next year too.
    Bit of a dodgy start as I went to grab a coffee from the food van and left my race pack there by accident, didn't realise until I was about to head to the start, luckily the good folks there handed it in and it was waiting for me at the start. Then with a bit of time left to wait I thought I'd nip back to the car and leave my jacket there as it was feeling a lot warmer after a nice hot coffee and with the sun shining through the clouds. So back to the start and I'm pretty close to the front which is great as I wanted to try and avoid the normal mass start congestion, with the sun out fully out I'm reaching for my sunglasses ... that are in my jacket pocket, bummer. I can live without them but then look down and realise I've also left my jelly babies in the car too ... so a swift return to the car park to grab my sun glasses, food, and set off again now a few miles behind the tail of the mass start. Not the best way to begin, behind 1300 riders, but I guess there was a sense of accomplishment steadily nipping past other riders. Finished in a little over 5 hours, so I'm pleased wiih that!
    Got a great to get a little certificate and a medal for finishing, also had myself a well deserved egg and bacon roll at the end, god knows I needed it after the mean headwinds!!
    Oh and 2-53 was the finishing time, as in 14:53, not 2hrs 53mins!!



    HoNC 2015 SSP_TR_X1871 (EM).jpg

    HoNC 2015 SSP_TR_X5507 (EM).jpg

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